Roadtrip during the Pandemic

Are you considering travel in our current Covid-19 season? Well I did and learned so much throughout the process. Please follow the link to learn some tips, tricks and perspectives for your trip…

Face mask ✔

Hand Sanitizer ✔

Roadmap ✔

Let’s Go!

Since the world meet Covid-19 face to face, many people have had to restructure their lives. This looks different from life to life but many include changes in the home, work schedules, education, rescheduling milestones and putting off goals in an effort of doing the right thing. If this season has taught us anything it’s that we all have our own compass to help us navigate this pandemic season.

And with so many health aids now available, booming research findings and time passed- we decided that it was time for us to get off of the couch, back into an adventure and to travel again. The only real question now was “how.” So, we decided to skip the flights and to gas up the Jeep instead.

Starting in our home state of Indiana, we mapped out our trip to see mountains, the country side, sunrises, cities, oceans and beaches. Our route included Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and then back home in Indiana. Some of these states we’ve been to together before and some brand new.

My overall experience was that of hope. I’m really glad we traveled when we did because we needed a vacation full of fresh perspective and in the process found renewed hope in humanity. This is because at each stop in every state, masks were worn and enforced. I saw extra sanitizing stations and measured spacing for healthy social distancing. I saw local officials and citizens doing their part in helping to reduce the transmission of the virus and that one day we will overcome this pandemic.

Do I think traveling in this season is right for everyone? Not really. Do I think everyone can do it safely while also having fun? Absolutely! As I said above I understand and respect everyone’s individual reasons for their social gathering whether near or far, few people or to the max possible. This season is here to stay for the time being and I think if we all strive to do the right thing while having balance, we can turn this season into one of community and of learning.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Comment below!

You are loved, Kriss

I just turned 28, Let’s Celebrate!

Come along with me as I walk through my birthday plans, activities and some unexpected joys all the while in Indianapolis, Indiana!

It’s official I’m 28 years old and there is no going back! But good news is that I don’t want to! I love the process of getting older, wiser, more sure of the life that I am so grateful to live. So this year I decided to stay put and enjoy my life exactly where it’s at and its in our new home in Indianapolis, IN.

Let Her Eat Cake

This year my birthday fell on Saturday aka the day birthdays should always fall on! So here I was in bed waking up to sunshine and the cuddles of my… dog! Haha! He was curled up on my guys side of the bed and ready to love me and give me all of his attention. But where was my guy?

No sooner had I wondered that exact question did I hear a creak of a step on our stairs and the glow of candles. Jacob had prepared a breakfast in bed moment for me complete with egg and avocado toast, fruit, coffee AND my slice of birthday cheesecake from my girls night the night before. The glow of candlelight came from a gifted apple scented candle and two letter candles that spelled out “28.” Good start of the day? Naw, more like a great start of a great day.

This the the Celebration Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Fountain Square

Earlier in the week when I had first started to think about my new age, I thought about past birthdays. In past years I had put effort forward to have big birthdays, birthdays filled with high expectations (always a recipe for disaster), birthdays while traveling or just not wanting to acknowledge that years birthday at all. But this year felt wonderfully different, a sense of peace that I’ve never had before about turning a new age made me up for whatever the day had to offer. But I definitely still knew some suggestions.

So we got ready for the day, gave Tyson some more kisses and belly rubs and then got in the Jeep to go to downtown Indy. I knew the minute we stepped out of the house that it was going to be wonderful. This was because of the clear, blue skies and 50 degree weather allowing us to wear a light jacket for the first time in weeks. So once in the area and parked, I knew I wanted to keep outdoors and walk along the city.

Within five minutes onsite, my world got a lot more comical because of this rad biker.

Our walked paused whenever we came to the Upland Brewing Co. We popped in for J to grab a beer and to split some appetizers to keep the hangry away. I always look forward to these moments with him because it never really matters where we are but whenever we have intentional time together, it is always the best and warms my heart. It is also something I wish I could have had in past birthdays without him. So really he is the gift that keeps on giving.

Next on our exploring is stopping into a local Vinyl shop. The one we chose was called Square Cat Vinyl and boy did they have some tempting records for us. Jacob was looking at some Red Hot Chili Pepper albums while I was busy in the jazz section looking at Billie Holiday or in the Soundtracks looking for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s album.

Because no day of exploring with me if ever complete without coffee, we went to a much awaited location. This coffee shop is directly across from the building that states that “You are Beautiful” and is called Bovaconti Coffee. It’s the kind of coffee shop that when you go inside you kinda squeal internally because of its obvious beauty and aesthetic. Jacob ordered his usual mocha and I went with a Spanish latte (it’s made with condensed milk, espresso and cinnamon- a must try if you like those ingredients).

My only complaint was the lack of seating because of the time of day and my unfulfilled desire to sit in a coffee shop for awhile and chat. But there is always another day for that! So we switched up our order and got them to go.

Newfields or No Fields

Phase two of the day was to find ourselves surrounded by plants and flowers. However as the day would have it, it turned out to be another edit to the plans. We were informed that the greenhouse wasn’t going to be opened for another two weeks or so. We accepted the news and as we walked back to the car we stopped in the lobby to explore and to wonder at this kinetic art installation by Studio Drift. Funny thing is that we still ended up around flowers.

Birthday Surprise

At 5 pm all of my plans for the day were completed and mostly accomplished! But the fun part is this is exactly where Jacob’s plans pick up pace. He had been telling me all week that he had plans for us the evening of my birthday sometime after 6 pm. In my mind I was super stoked because I figured that it would be an occasion to dress up and eat some awesome food but… I was wrong.

Right before leaving the house for the surprise I ask Jacob what I should wear and he said something usual and also comfy. Still confused as what to wear I throw out the question “is there a chance that I will get dirty or messing there?” He seemed unsure but responded that he thinks its possible but that they will have stuff there to help keep me clean.

So…. yeah this girls mind was racing at what the heck we were about to do. So with some faith and keeping my eyes shut, he drove us to our mystery location. Surprise! We were going to a wine and canvas night! I was deeply touched by this gesture because that previous week I had said that I really wanted to get back into that love and here we were, about to start it up again but this time- together.

As you can see, 28 is off to such a wonderful start. I was able to see so many of my friends, family, artistic and inspirational places that have left my heart and mind refreshed and reminded of the amazing life that I get to live. Wishing you all only the best and I cannot wait until next time!


Our Engagement Moment

Join us on our adventure to the beach, the forests and the mountains…

How does one pick and plan moments to be captured forever? How can a piece of technology capture the love that connects me to you?

On a Thursday morning waking up in the home of our photographers in Michigan City, Indiana and at 3:30 in the morning, Jacob and I held hands and bowed our heads together. Taking this moment to connect and to reflect on the heartbeat that is behind “us.” We prayed for the day, for our future, for our photographers and for our love to be captured in the moments that were soon to come. Using this engagement session as a time capsule for the years to come. So here is the evidence my friends: here is our love for the one we get to love, cherish, honor, support for today and the days to come.

/ / / The sun rises when you are near / / /


/ / / And all of my fears disappear / / /

/ / / You are the one I want, You are the one I want to love / / /


57 Day till: #itsharrisontime




You can find our Photographers at:

Bloomington, Indiana

A weekend day trip to Bloomington, Indiana…

If there is one thing I know how to do, it’s finding ideas and planning trips! At least I’m banking on that fact!

This time around I took a day trip with my best friend Heidy! I love the short window of time you get in a day trip. It helps you focus on exactly where you want to be.

For my trip with Heidy, I honestly just wanted to get in some solid girl time with her. There is something irreplaceable about Heidy and the friendship she offers up with her full heart.

It’s this heart that made me instantly want to be friends with her this time last year! And its a turning point that lead me to ask her to be a bridesmaid in Jacob and I’s wedding this coming fall- and might I add it’s in 135 days!

But back to our day! Last Saturday we left town around 11 a.m. and made the hour ish long drive to Bloomington, Indiana. I have always loved the drive because of the winding roads and just my general interest in living in Bloomington. We left town around this time too because it would set us up to getting in around noon and getting our fill of Thai food!

One of my favorite places to eat in Bloomington is the Siam house. I almost always go here for lunch if I’m visiting and I can guarantee that I have always gotten the pineapple curry. Its just the best combination of savory, sweet and spicy with that medium heat!

With full, happy bellies we started on a walk that would end up stretching about 3 miles (and I wasn’t even mad). We avoided the college party goers scene for some courthouse views and mini shops.

But the funny bit about us two ladies is that the thoughts of dessert doesn’t usually stay too far away! And that is even more true whenever we kept passing by shops with pastries and chocolates. So we wanted to find sugar stat!

We chose- drum roll- Rainbow Donuts! With a name like that and options such as donuts, cupcakes, cookies and coffee- how could you go wrong? The thing that makes this shop different is that their products are all vegan. And even though we’re not vegan, we still like to try new things!

However, my last experience with this shop wasn’t the best. I had a mixed berry glazed donut that just came off sour and dry. This time around I got two donuts to double my liking chances! One was a wild strawberry donut and the other was a cookies and cream donut. I liked the second best but I don’t think I can officially say I’m sold on their donuts.

After we got our donuts in their cute brown paper sack we headed to where we were going to eat them- Hopscotch Coffee.

Hopscotch is another place I’ve been to in Bloomington but this time it was kinda a first too. We went to their roasting building a couple of miles away from their sit down coffee shop.

I knew I would just love it for its A-frame nature, its minimism and the pop of my favorite color orange! And it didn’t disappoint.

The funny part though is that after walking that far to get there, it dawned on us that we actully wanted to sit down and talk with our coffee and donuts! So we made out like a baby and went to their other location!

To get there we took the B-line trail, photobombed a wedding, smelled all of the gross scented white flower trees and I got in some cute pictures of H.

The day ended with hunting for new journals at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx, a sunset drive home and talks of planning a overseas trip in our future together! Fingers crossed!

Thanks for always being good to me Btown!


Fort Wayne, Indiana

For my love of exploring my home state of Indiana, this one is for the books…

Where to even begin! This past weekend I went with my darling best friend Emily to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a girls weekend trip. She was the driver/navigator and I was the “things to do” planner, even more proof that we just fit well in each others lives!

The trip started Friday afternoon when I drove to Em’s house then we finished the trip together to Fort Wayne. On our first night of the trip we went to a Rend Collective concert at a local church in the area. I love the opportunity that I get whenever a band tours and I get to experience them, their music and the deep passion they have for what they do. And it becomes amplified whenever that band is a Jesus loving band.

I’ve been a fan of Rend Collective for a few years ever since I heard their song “Lighthouse” on a local radio station. Whenever I heard it at the time I was going through a somewhat dark season of my life. It was dark and felt uncertain at times but the song reminded me of God’s goodness, His provision and just the fact that He does see me, He see’s us all of us in our highs, lows and even when we thought we didn’t exist to Him.

After the concert we went back to our Best Western hotel room to get all geared up to enjoy a soak in the downstairs hot tub. The funny bit was that when we got there we met three, and then eventually four, drunk on wine lady bowlers. We all talked about where we are all from and hearing that they knew about both Em’s and my hometowns made me smile with how everyone truly is connected in one way or another.

After that chill yet social time in the hot tub, and also whenever our “max hot tub time” ran out, we went back upstairs to pass out and fuel up for our busy busy Saturday!

First on our list was, of course, brunch because that’s just what girls do. We had so many options in Fort Wayne for coffee shops that also had a menu fit for a foodie. Our pick ended up being Fortezza Coffee, and I’m so glad.

Whenever I was in Grand Rapids I met and fell hard for caffe miels! Partly because of my love for nutmeg and partly because miel’s just sound like you’re meowing. So when we first got to Fortezza I was kinda bummed because they didn’t have that as an option on their menu. However, the barista looked rad, and how could he not be with his “filter coffee, not people” tee. So I just asked if I could still order one. Of course he said yes and my morning just got even better.

Emily and I ended up picking the same coffee and breakfast sandwich. She had never tried a miel before but loved the idea of the nutmeg. Long story short- she loved it! Our coffee was served and then our food followed.

After brunch we wanted to wander but not at the expense of freezing. Naturally we went to the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory that was about a five minute walk away. Ticket prices were great and we both ended up agreeing that it was one of the best Conservatories we had even been to. My most favorite moment was when we reached the very back of the greenhouse. There was a desert room that was filled with cacti and succulents. And the temperature was the cherry on top. It was dry, cool and the glass ceiling let in the most beautiful sun-rays. We ended up lounging on two benches and just talking about life, dreams and our general thought processes as of late.

A little friendship fun fact about Emily and I is that we are both going to school for the same thing, which is Art Therapy. I mean we both are in that season of “is this really what I want because grad school,” but truthfully that shared experience makes my heart so happy even if things seem a little unsure. I think the lovely bonus of that mutual career goal is that we just end up having a lot in common. So whats a potential Art Therapist to do on vaca? But go see some art.

However, like some planning goes the gallery ended up being closed. But the kicker is that the building itself is a work of art. Meaning that the front, sides, back, courtyard and even the roof was covered in street art and murals. I even peaked through some windows and the back fence to prove it!

After an impromptu photoshoot with the outside faux flower installation, we got to serious business and ordered some “snoop” burgers from Bravas. That burger is now in my top 3 favorite burgers. It was just so rich and somehow creamy. And with my decision to pair it was a house coleslaw, I tell you what! The shop also just was overall chill and in a quiet part of town. It just felt cozy as Emily and I enjoyed the pure silence that comes from loving what you’re eating.

With the hustle and bustle of a busy, adventurous day, Emily and I decide to head back to our hotel to wind down. Between comfy clothes and our own separate queen sized beds, we kicked back for a couple of hours before finishing our saturday with another coffee/tea run at Conjure Cofdee, thrifting, getting sushi for dinner and relaxing with the lush products that Em picked up for us.

On our Sunday Funday we decided to keep the spa like feelings from the night before, going. Because of my inability to sleep much past 9 a.m., I woke up around then and just laid in bed thinking about the weekend and wondering if Emily was alive. Ha! Just kidding! I had just forgot that she burrows under her blankets in her sleep. When she got up we went downstairs to load up on the continental breakfast. I got a collection of scrambled eggs, steel-cut oats with some honey glazed granola and raisins plus one of the pears I brought with me for the weekend. We brought it all upstairs and had breakfast in bed while watching a couple of episodes of The Office.

With how all good things come to an end, we packed up our bags, got in the car and headed out. But the kicker is that we weren’t heading home just yet! About fifty minutes southwest of Fort Wayne is Upland, Indiana. And honestly I have been meaning to visit for a really long time. My best friend from high school choose to go to Taylor University and from there she met her man, had two gorgeous babies and settled in.

One of the places that she devotes a lot of her time to is a coffee shop called The Bridge Cafe. She is the head barista, baker of all things yummy, photographer of the coffee shop and has a place on the shelf to show her personal photography (plus probably so much more)! So to say that I was kinda stoked to finally be there, visiting her, trying my first lavender caffe miel- was wonderful!

You can see her work at

& Back home we go!

Thank you for sitting in on my storytelling time! The weekend brought a lot of good conversations, rest, exploring, food and drink and it all makes me wish I had named my blog something like- this freakin blessed life. Because I count myself incredibly lucky.

I hope you all are well!


Tea & Getting to Know Kriss

Get to know the Author of KrissCrossing Life better while enjoying a cup of tea…

My name is Kristen Marie Cutter. I currently live in Central Indiana. My days tend to be filled with some of my most favorite things like my fiancé Jacob, our fur babies Tyson (dog) and Phoenix (cat), some of the best friends and family a girl could ask for, a camera, a pair of travelers legs and a heart that is full of joy. I truly feel like I am living the best life.

A lot of my days are also spent either at work or at school. I work as an assistant at my local library while I am going to school full-time. My areas of study are in both psychology and fine art. Next spring I will be graduating with a major in Psychology with two minors, one in fine art and the other in counseling. After graduating I plan on continuing into grad school to become an Art Therapist.


This path has been my goal for a couple of years now. Before that, I had taken 3-4 years off between High School and College so that I could really find myself while traveling my country and a little outside of it. That time was everything I needed to then focus in on the future and the life that I truly wanted and that fit who God created me to be.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is at the epicenter of everything I do, it’s what makes it worthwhile for me. Some could claim that He doesn’t exist, but whenever you do come (metaphorically) face to face with Him- there is nothing else that makes more sense than that moment. And it’s that moment and those daily moments with Him that drives me. To publish an “about me” without that truth would be like saying the earth doesn’t need oxygen.


Whenever I’m not at work or school, you can always count on me taking pictures. I can’t help but see things and want to capture them, to hold onto them forever. I think I first started doing this because I felt as though my memory isn’t like other people’s or that really I’m plain forgetful. I feel like major moments in life slip out of my memory but moments like 3 years ago at a cafe in Berlin, Germany, stay with me forever. I remember sitting there and feeling the warmth of my cup in my hand and the sweetness of hazelnut spread on a piece of crusty toast but somehow forget going to Disney for the first time when I was a child. Life is funny like that, isn’t it? Some things stay with us forever while the rest just turns into personal history.

So this blog will be forever a place for all past things to exist for forever, for beautiful and simple moments to be highlighted and for honesty to ring true. This blog is from me to you and for all of the moments frozen in time.